We are pleased to inform you that the Beauregard Parish Clerk of Court’s Office is able to offer you the Conveyance, Mortgage, Civil and Criminal Index Records online. In our first phase of imaging, we have scanned the conveyance records of our parish, including the index and images of all documents filed since the separation of Beauregard Parish from Calcasieu Parish in 1913. Additionally, Mortgage Index Records are imaged from 1978 to date. Mortgage Documents filed have been imaged from March 17, 2008 to date. The Civil Index is available from 1983 to date, with the Civil Documents imaged from June 2009 to date. The Criminal Index and Document Imaging are available from March 2009 to date. Recently, we have begun our second phase of imaging. In this phase, we hope to accomplish the imaging of all Mortgage Documents filed from 1978 to 2009.






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